Manpower Specialist

Government Contractor

DUNNS # 118 567 898

Job placement services. Workers needed. Long term or short term.

Manpower has become common demand, the pandemic created short supply of labor. Being wisely efficient and resourcefully placement with utmost longevity

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My age is gaining on 60, it is time to face facts, blood, sweat and tear is less possible. I must redirect my energy toward more office work allowing younger able clients quality positions. Matching the person to the job is key.

Rehab and Restore Harmony House @450 Ohio Streeet

Geothermal wells, Artesian drinking water, solar electric, solar heat pumps, relocate 38x70 Quonset hut from Brewer on a full 8 foot basement, with complete services from front building.

"God Bless, America. This land is our land."